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Jun 16 2015 0 Comments

When a friend of mind called me and says you need to check out this fashion label called 6397, I didn’t know what to think so I log onto the website www.bredforsurvival.com I look at the pieces and thought not very inventive  nor original so I logged off. Then the next day I couldn’t get one of the pieces that I had seen out of my mind so I log back on and to my surprise I had judge this label like judging a book by it’s cover just because something look the same doesn’t mean it’s the same.  For those of us who were born in the 90’s we often think that those were the best of times; both in fashion and music and like my grandparents I often think about quality rather than quantity so I started to be smart in how and why I spend money often time we become slaves to trend; and over look the classic.  When I think of jeans wear I think of construction worker, jeans were meant to be comfortable not fashionable so here’s a label taking what was inventive and innovated by Levi’s at the time but wasn’t chic nor sexy and now changing how we look at comfort. 6397 is taking us back to the fun side of what it meant to be fashionable, like their cowboy coat one can wear this so many different ways; wearing it has a jacket under your sexy cocktail dress and red bottom shoes, sure be conversation piece at a party because who would think of doing that not an uptown girl, but a women whose doesn’t follow trend but ride it like the wind, who appreciate tradition and classic and after cocktail hours is over she would then rush to the bathroom strip off that cocktail dress and red bottom shoes and button up the jacket and turn it into a coat dress  and become another version of that same uptown girl. Although the price might be a bit out of my budget it’s worth buying because denim last forever and the older it gets the better it feels.



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