Agenda Miami – January 18-19, 2016

Agenda announced through Instagram a big move for its winter show. Traditionally held in New York for the past five years, Agenda NYC will make its inaugural pilgrimage to Miami this winter, January 18-19, 2016. While much of the reason to move into a new territory was based on diversifying the show’s exhibitors and buyers, the weather constraints of winter months in the Northeast have also played a big part, says Agenda Show founder Aaron Levant.

You work for six months on these two days and something like the weather that is totally out of your control can ruin it,” says Levant, recalling Agenda NYC’s Winter 2014 show when many flights got canceled due to an uncharacteristic snow storm that shut down much of the city. “That is when I really started toying with the idea of Miami and that moment put me in the position of saying ‘hey, we really want to speed up this process.’”

Levant also cited a void in the Southeast region’s tradeshow circuit that speaks directly to the streetwear market, although he did acknowledge other shows in the region do exist. The dates for the new Miami show will fall at the tail-end of Surf Expo, which is slated for January 14-16, 2016 in Orlando, Florida.


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