Sell by Mail

Introducing Sell By Mail

Earn cash or trade for your closet clean out without leaving home.

Cash for Fashion
Arcade Attire is unique because clothing is bought, sold and traded online with customers. We buy clothing and accessories for both men and women, giving you the option to take cash or store trade. Selling
We’re always buying the best of all seasons vintage and one-of-a-kind items.

How to Sell By Mail

In a few simple steps, you can earn cash or trade for your closet clean out.

1. send us 3 - 8 photos of your items to : front photo, back photo, photo of label(please select lower resolution/small files on your device) 
2. please send optional photos if there is damage to the item but you feel like it might still be accepted.
3. be sure to represent your items accurately and take additional photos of any excessive wear or damage. approved items that are not accurately represented by customer, can elect to be donate to our Charity Yard Sale or return for $19.99
4. wait for your approval #. 
5. once you have your approval # we will ship you a pouch so you can bag it. 
6. if you already have an approval # and don't want to wait for a pouch, go ahead and write your approval # on your package, and ship to:
Arcade Attire
27 Auriga Dr #19,
Nepean, ON
K2E 0B1 
7. once we have received your approved items:
if you choose cash:  after we receive your items, you will receive your estimates within 24 hours, and if you approve, your cash will be paid immediately via paypal. 
if you choose store credit: it will be issued via a code to use online.  if you prefer to use credit in store, we will email you a receipt # to use on our online store.

items without approval # cannot be processed and will be donated with no payment to customer