Arcade Attire Beach style – From Venice to SoCal

As Jim Morrison said “Each generation wants new symbols, new people, new names. They want to divorce themselves from their predecessors.” Venice beach symbolizes the essence of Cali – Californian joie de vivre. Urbane. Classy. Nouveau riche. Why can’t you show it off? What’s your essential style? When you’re sipping a Doctor Strange at the High Rooftop bar in Venice Beach (Amaretto, coffee, Absinthe) you’re people watching on the Venice strip and judging! That romper. Those polkadots. You know it’s easy and insta-style with our Kendall romper.

You got frugal and rented an Airbnb that’s walking distance to Abbott Kinney and the galleries. You want to sip on an authentic Bourbon. Something that Jim Morrison would have had.

Kind of like when he wrote “Love her madly” atop a rooftop in Venice beach. But, Jim liked Jack. Daniels, that is. But that’s okay because you can adorn yourself with that off white ruffle hem shift dress. Sip away. Dream. Run away to the Mojave and write poetry as Morrison did!

As Lana Del Rey says “He doesn't mind I have a Las Vegas past He doesn't mind I have an L.A crass way about me He loves me with every beat of his cocaine heart” Del Rey’s quintessential song “Off to the races” encapsulates the go go go mentality of placing your bets at the Los Alamitos, Santa Anita or Hollywood Park racetracks.

You know what’s good luck? The Alastair horse ring. Adorn yourself with it.

Spaghetti dress with underneath skirt dress. If you’re back in West Hollywood and need to be seen - This is what to wear.


Put your hair in a top bun, grab your spring pastel colored wedges and #ownit.
Grab an #arcadeattire piece, girls. And share it on IG with me
Happy travels, lovelies :)


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